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I uncovered my passion for writing during my childhood. I started writing poems as a form of creative expression and those poems eventually turned into songs. Those songs eventually turned into stories and those stories eventually turned into books. I developed my talent over the years and now I am a highly gifted writer. I can write a song or an article on anything and my ending product will always be satisfying to any reader.

I have successfully self-published 3 books online. “Positive Power”, “Take Your Dreams off the Shelf”, and “Bullies Didn't Break Me”. Each of my books has one common goal, to inspire and uplift each reader. There are many people in the world who live with learned negativity. Often times, it’s only a person’s mindset that is holding them back from true success. In my personal writing, I aim to help each reader unleash their true potential by freeing their mind.

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Writing Sample

Over the past 10 years, kale has become very popular and is now often preferred when compared to lettuce (Kale: More than Just a Nutritious Snack). While it may be easy to find a kale recipe for lunch or dinner, parents who would like to incorporate this vegetable in breakfast are not as lucky. The good news is that I have the perfect method for all parents who share this desire. You are your child’s biggest teacher and they are your biggest fan. With that in mind, you can use this knowledge and the parental powers you have within you to persuade your children to easily enjoy kale during breakfast.

The first step is to ask your kids if they would like to gain superpowers. Kids love superheroes and they love pretending that they are superheroes. Make sure that they are in a great mood. This will prevent them from thinking that you have "gone crazy". If their endorphins are already jumping and rapidly multiplying, it will be easier to get a "yes" from them. After they agree, you will want to tell them that you have a secret food that will allow them to be able to move faster, remember things easier, and give them camouflage capabilities. Your integrity will not be compromised by this because according to studies by KaleGen Marketing (Kale: More than Just a Nutritious Snack), these statements are very true.

The second step is to introduce kale to them in a simple way. After you have them in agreement, I recommend that you do not tell them the name of the vegetable before allowing them to taste it. Allow them to fall in love with the simplicity of the vegetable by whipping some fresh kale leaves in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Give this to them alongside their favorite breakfast foods. They will be so excited about the "powers" that they will gain and they will beg for kale in their regular breakfast routine.

Moving forward, this method can be a great way to introduce other healthy foods to your kids. If you can get their minds to believe it, they will eat it!