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Location:  Brookfield, IL
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Merry is an exceptional writer, adept at a wide range of technical and creative communications. She's ghostwritten dozens of full eBooks and hundreds of articles. Starting her writing career in 2006, she's well-versed in web copy and SEO content and has been on the cutting edge of changes in web marketing and social media.

Merry can best be categorized as a "general" writer because she enjoys writing in a wide range of industries rather than only a few set niche fields. She does have some favorite industries. While some writers specialize in fields they were educated in, such as biotech or law, Merry's real expertise is in writing itself.

For clients, the biggest asset Merry offers is an understanding of the audience and a clear view of the best ways to communicate in a way that engages the reader to build a better understanding and excitement.

Merry specializes in web content, such as landing pages, blog posts, pillar pages, and video script writing. She does work across many types of writing assets, please feel free to reach out to chat if you have questions.

EDUCATION:  Columbia College BLOG:  My Blog
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