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Melissa F. has been a freelance writer for six years, providing copy writing, SEO content, blog writing, white papers, product reviews and descriptions, and editing services for a variety of freelance platforms and private customers. Her love for the written word started at an early age and she decided to pursue those throughout her life. Melissa also has experience in advertising content, and website development. She currently manages and maintains multiple websites including

Melissa also works as a design and marketing consultant for a local commercial printing company, where her responsibilities include web site design and maintenance, as well as the design of all marketing materials and implementation of marketing strategy.

Melissa prides herself on her ability to communicate well with her clients, her ability to meet stringent deadline requirements, and her ability to consistently produce quality writing pieces.

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Writing Sample

When you have a little one with colic, your life can drastically change.  Your little bundle of joy who gives you so much happiness one moment can cause you to feel like you are going insane the next.  My last one had colic for six months.  Don’t panic usually colic only lasts for three months, but can last up til 6 or 7 in rare instances.  Below are some tips I learned to help calm her down and keep my sanity.

Run the Vacuum – It may be the motion or it may be the noise, but for some reason wearing your infant while vacuuming causes them to calm down fairly quickly.  The best part is you get a chore done too, so you can be the mom who has fabulous carpets even though their child has had colic for 4 months.

Make Baby Part of Your Fashion – With all the amazing baby wraps out there, you can find one that can suit any needs or body type.  When your child is colic they will like to be held all the time and can also be calmed sometimes by swaying.  Carrying your baby in a wrap will keep them warm, close to you, and swaying to the natural motion your body provides.  So wrap up and get those hips moving.

Initiate Bounce Time – I have heard this helps because of the motion while others have told me it helps to alleviate gas and aids in digestion.  Whatever the reason it would help my little one during her uncontrollable screaming bouts.  Make sure your little one's head is supported and then lay them on their stomach across your knees and bounce your knees gently up and down. 

Keep Them Sucking – When you have a colicky baby you kind of have to throw the feeding schedule out the window until they get past this.  Nurse, bottle feed or give your little one a pacifier so that they can have that sucking sensation or even just the comfort in their mouth.  Don’t worry babies will usually stop eating when full.  Often times they simply want to suck for comfort.

Let Them Sleep Where they Crash – Whether it is a stroller, swing, or a rock n play if you get them to sleep it is best to leave them where they are when they fall asleep during the day.  You will have plenty of time for sleep training once they get older.  Be sure you are in the same room or close so that you can keep an eye on them. 

Take a Break – Tell your parent, significant other, babysitter, or friend that you need a break, even if it’s just an hour.  Most mothers feel bad leaving colicky children as they know they are going to cry a lot while they are being watched.  Just remember if you can put up with it for 3 to 4 hours a day I’m sure they will be fine.  It is necessary to have these breaks to prevent frustration or anxiety.

If your little one suffers from colic don’t get discouraged.  You will get through it and have a newfound appreciation for things like bathing and sleeping.  The important thing to remember is that it is not your fault and you are not doing anything wrong.  You are not failing at motherhood.  You are actually surviving one of mother hoods greatest tests of patience and when you come through it, you earn the colic baby mommy badge not everyone can achieve.