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Writing Sample

How Safe is Your Child’s Car Seat for Holiday Travel?

Booster Seat Safety Ratings

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has categorized booster seats in terms of the highest safety ratings to help parents and caregivers make decisions about the appropriate product for their family. The booster seats were broken into three groups: best bets, good bets, and not recommended. The ratings examined how well the shoulder belt fit a test dummy of child size, so it’s important to realize that these classifications do not involve crash test ratings.

More than 27 different models qualified for the best bet rating, giving parents a multitude of options to choose from in both style and price. There were, however, five models that were classified as not recommended due to potential danger:

  • Diono Olympia
  • Diono Pacifica
  • Kids Embrace Batman
  • Safety 1st Alpha Elite
  • Safety 1st All in One

What is a Best Booster Seat?

A best bet booster seat is a product with a properly positioned belt for a 4-8 -year-old child to be used in any vehicle. Good bets were classified as those that provided acceptable belt fit in most cars, minivans or SUVs. Properly fitting a child into a car seat belt is critical for protecting them in accidents. Even minor accidents can result in serious injuries for the child when a car seat belt doesn’t fit properly. Both Diono models had issues with the shoulder belt fitting, while the lap belt fit was a problem with the Batman booster.

The majority of backless boosters making the best bet list could be acquired for between $20 and $60, giving parents many options in terms of style and price to fit their needs.

Top Car Seat Tips

Knowing how to select and properly use a car seat is critical for protecting your child every time you’re in the car.

  1. For the best level of protection, keep babies in rear-facing seats for as long as you can. Typically parents can do this until the child is at least two years old. Rear-facing seats provide the highest level of protection for the spine, head, and neck. In the event that the airbag does deploy, rear-facing seats provide protection for children from this event.
  2. When the child has outgrown a rear-facing seat, it’s time to begin investigating options for a forward-facing car seat.
  3. Always keep the car seat located in the rear of the car, and refer to the labels on the product to determine the best product for your family. Most car seats now include labels about weight restrictions so that you can be sure your child will be protected in the event of an accident.
  4. Finally, take care to install the product properly. Tug the base of the car seat where the seatbelt passes through it. If the product moves more than an inch, you need to adjust the product for maximum safety. When the product has been installed properly, the car seat shouldn’t move any more than 1 inch.

When you have questions about installing or using car seats properly, you can communicate with a child car seat safety technician in your area to get your questions answered and give you peace of mind about the product you are using. Remember, you are your child’s best advocate, so keep them safe this holiday season with these simple safety tips.