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Location:  Austin , IL
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My writings comes from deep within my mind . I’ll write about anything .

EDUCATION:  Diploma from George Washington high BLOG:  Neema
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Writing Sample

It was as demanding as any other place I’ve ever been too. You know dress like this act like this or else face the consequences. I could tell there was a seed of green in their eyes just from the way they spoke and the immaculate hatred they flung my way. Everyday was a struggle from deep within I wanted express my deep pain with their actions and how they mistreated me. But I knew that beings like them had no understanding of pain until they experienced it themselves. Growing up I was forced with making decisions that a child shouldn’t have to make. Through what I’ve been through my soul darkened and there only remained a glimmer of hope for humanity and my soul . The glimmer of hope was my siblings. Everyday I spent with them the pain that I experienced started to ceases away but as anyone who’s been through the things I’ve been through there was still a peace of me that remained dark and unfaltered . I’ve tried everything to rain in that part of me wether  it was going to a certified shrink . Taking my meds and so on and so forth . Sadly when people poke at a broken person there’s only negative outcomes . I grew to mistrust people  . And steadily the darkness consumed me and I forgot who that girl that would cry. Sadly  I replaced her with someone to this day I can’t name nor do I know. But as I regained my sense of self I remember the girl who cared about others , the girl who would be there for you when your car broke down at 2:00 in the mornings. The girl who felt pain and understood pain . The girl I felt I couldn’t be because whenever I showed a hint of weakness it was used to defile me. To this day whomever she is is sitting there in the nips and tucks of my soul and sometimes sadness pain overtake my body . Mistrust , kindness ,love , understanding ,acceptance and continuity . Just like the darkness ,pain and suffering are apart of  I’ve learned that the things I’ve been through have made me who I am no matter how horrible or sincere.