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Writing is a significant​ part of any online platform. Quality content is necessary to keep an audience engaged and informed. I'm here to help you deliver that. I am a freelance writer and content creator. In just two years, I have been a part of multiple reputable websites, representing them at conventions like E3 and Penny Arcade Expo as a gaming and technology journalist. Now, I've been tackling cryptocurrency and the blockchain as I believe this technology will be a massive leap forward for our society. Through my freelance work, I've learned to manage multiple clients and deadlines while handling a variety of assignments including but not limited to trending content, search engine optimization, and blog posts. I have some experience in nearly every field of writing, and I'm always looking to expand upon these skills even more. It has forever been my mantra to challenge myself. Taking on new work is exciting to me, as the reception not only makes me a stronger writer, but a more durable human being overall. Collaboration comes naturally to me, as I know each team member has a unique view to bring to the table. As long as I'm given an opportunity to excel, I am hard-working, dedicated, and productive.

EDUCATION:  DePaul University BLOG:  Maxemole
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