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Writing Sample

 While everyone was announcing new games and consoles Microsoft and Mojang took a different approach announcing at E3 that coming this summer there would be a new update coming to Minecraft. 
 The "Better Together Update" coming to Minecraft this summer will bring something avid fans have been asking for all along. Cross-platform play
  Now what this means for anyone who wasn't able to watch the stream is that soon you'll be able to play with your friends as long as they are playing Minecraft on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR (sorry PlayStation players, Sony said NO). There is a catch if you are playing on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to play cross-platform you will need an Xbox Live login. Why? Well Phil Spencer was kind enough to explain that its due to it being the Universal login system to all versions of Minecraft out there now with the exception of the Wii U Edition that came out last year.
There is also another important reason why you are required to have a Xbox Live log in. They are also making it so that if you own DLC like Texture packs, Mash up packs or Skin packs you can now share all that wonderful goodness across your consoles that you play Minecraft on but they need to be linked to one account, and where Xbox and Windows 10 devices are the main devices used it makes sense to use the already in place universal Xbox login. 
Along with this Update comes a few other things. The name of the game itself is changing slightly. Right now the game name changes depending on what console you are playing it on. When the Better Together Update is released the name will be simply Minecraft. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users will get brand new copies of the game for free to replace your console edition that you currently own. 
The rest of the changes coming with the new Better Together Update are just as exciting as the game will now support 4k graphics if your console is capable. We are also getting User content and Player Servers. Player content is something PC players have had for years that have recently become available with a few other games like Bethesda's Skyrim and Fallout 4. This is going to open up so much more options for players as we will now have access to custom made texture packs, maps and worlds. 
Player Servers are a feature that has also been on PC since the game was released. When the Better Together Update is released there will be a included Server Browser that will allow you to choose between 4 servers: Lifeboat, InPVP, Mineplex and Cubecraft. If your playing on Xbox One you'll also be able to host your own private server for a monthly subscription fee.
The Better Together Update was not the only update announced for Minecraft either. It was also announced that this fall we will be getting a graphical update that will bring with it enhanced lighting, textures, shadows and more.