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Currently, I am a stay at home mother of three children, 12yr old boy, 6yr old girl, and 5 month old girl. I was working a full time job as a department manager, but due to some disabilities of my youngest child's, I am now a stay at home mommy.
In 2010, I earned my Associate's degree in Business Administration from AIU, and my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice in 2011. I am currently attending Capella University for my Master's in General Psychology, which I will have completed in July 2016. Throughout all my schooling, I have maintained a 3.8/4.0 GPA.
Writing articles have became a great passion of mine while attending school and I have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunities to write on a number of topics of interest for myself.

EDUCATION:  Associate's in Business; Bachelor's in Criminal Justice; Master's in General Psychology from AIU and Capella University BLOG:  None provided
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Writing Sample

     Do you ever wonder if you are a horrible person because every time someone tells you how cute and adorable your baby is, you want to tell them how wrong they are? Are you a bad parent because your baby drives you nuts? Should you be ashamed of yourself because you want a break from your baby? The answer to each of these questions is no. Everything you are feeling is completely normal and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. 

     Withy first child I thougjt, "Wow, this is so much easier than I thought it would be". He was perfect. He never cried, never had medical issues, was always happy-go-lucky, and at times, I was even bored with him. Well he set me up big time. My second child had all those baby things you want to avoid...premature, colic, ear infections, terrible teether, acid reflux, and numerous medical issues. Yet, she was my baby and completely sheltered. Given all this, she still is not the worst.

     No, that would be baby number three. This child was born beautiful and adorable just to keep me from selling her. She has got to be attached to her mommy at all times. I cannot even leave the room without her screaming. Imagine how difficult it is to go to the restroom with a baby in your arms. Add to it that she is breastfeed and refuses to take a bottle, she is worst than any baby with colic. Oh, and she likes to pull hair, claw your face, puts everything in her mouth. Did I mention, she's only five months old.

     Given all this, I still love each of my children with all my heart and would do anything for them, but sometimes, mommy needs a break. Taking care of a child is no different (if not harder) than having a full time job. But at least with a full ti?e job, you have breaks, days off, and get paid for it.  Having had a full time job plus children, I will be the first to tell you that when I went to work, I looked forward to it. It was like a break. Now, being home all the time is driving me crazy. This doesn't make anyone a bad parent. As a matter of fact, a parent who can admit that they need a break from their kids is the most honest parent in my opinion. 

     Here is my advice, take time for yourself. You need it. Go get your nails done, watch a movie, go to the grocery store alone, or just take a bath. You cannot take care of your children if you do not take care of yourself first. They need you at your best not your craziest. Everyone has different experiences when raising a child and many of these experiences are priceless, but needing time for ourselves is normal and important. It doesn't mean you love your child any less.