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Lyn Lomasi's Founder & Community Manager of Write W.A.V.E. Media, which spotlights writers for existing work, as well as encourages expression while earning. Along with her amazing business & life partner, Richard Rowell, Lyn manages a freelance writer team.

She’s your content superhero to the rescue! Lyn's been writing web content for years & rescuing civilians from boring text since the age of three. SEO, custom content, web design, & other content nightmares are her dream come true!

Lyn formerly acted as Community Manager & Advocate at Yahoo! Contributor Network, where she assisted writers with community, editing, technical, & other issues. Her work’s featured all over the web. From parenting, energy usage, pets, homelessness, to reducing waste & more, Lyn’s committed to saving the Earth as a whole.

For the self-made momtrepreneur, sustainability is a way of life and a labor of love. She’s raising her kids and pets in Colorado.

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