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With over 10 years of diverse work experiences in business, financial services, human resources, mental health and education, I am able to quickly grasp complicated materials and translate them into meaningful stories. I am currently writing and illustrating a children's book based on the song, This Little Light of Mine geared towards ages 0-3. I live and work in the greater Minneapolis St. Paul area, but draw inspiration from my global experiences living and working in Asia and Europe as well.

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EDUCATION:  BA in Global Studies, MA Counseling Psychology from University of Minnesota BLOG:  None provided
CERTIFICATIONS:  International Business, Series 7, MBTI Facilitator CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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Writing Sample

I wrote this sonnet as a young college student in an attempt to play with the idea of motherhood.  Now as a mother of a toddler and expecting another, the message of the poem rings especially true.  No matter how much I love my little ones or how much I try,  I will never be able to shield them from all harm.  I can't even fully teach them right from wrong; they get to decide that for themselves.  Each child will find their own truth in this world.  I hope now more than ever that their truth with harmonize with mine and maybe even change my tune to be even more beautiful and true.  I hope this sonnet inspires you to be brave and patient as your little ones discover the world in their own way:
For many years I've wished to hold my own
small baby in my arms and calm her cries.
You see my belly! She has surely grown.

A soul enjoined to mine, I must be wise.
Those tiny hands and heart must grow up strong 
Her needs for love and life should come from me,
And though I wish to teach her right from wrong,
I  know that she will only learn when free
But on the day my daughter finds her voice
when many trials come ashore her berth
deciphering the truth will be her choice,
She'll sing the song that shows her inner worth.
Yet songs of truth will only sound on key
when daughters match their mother's harmony

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