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Looking for a fast, effective and outstanding freelancer? I am here to offer exceptional services.
I am more than a writer. I’m a communicator, and my work illustrates that. I have had extensive experience in writing for clients from diverse fields. My command of the English language is excellent (Native level) and I believe this is my ticket to perform all tasks that I have been entrusted with. Writing is an art, an interest and a talent. The above skills coupled with my great work ethics will surely appeal to anyone who is willing to have their content written cohesively and deadlines met.
If you want to work with a writer who gets it right the first time, you've found her. Don't waste time on revisions when you can hire a pro who delivers exactly what you need the first time around!

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How To Find A Perfect Home.

Every one of us is unique. We all have our own sense of style and taste. When looking into buying a new home, we should let our uniqueness be captured in the style of home we choose. Before you start on your search, you need to first have a clear picture of what your expectations are. Write down your current housing needs as well as those you foresee in the future. You should know what kind of neighborhood you want to live in. Once this is clear you can go ahead and use the following parameters in selecting your perfect haven.

ROI. If you are planning to buy a home and later resell it then you will need a proper valuation to ensure that it will give you a good return on investment.

Location. For first time home owners it is advisable to choose a home that is not very far from the city centre, has some privacy with all the basic amenities.

New home or Resale. New homes tend to have ultramodern facilities and require little maintenance. A resale home may have upgrades done by the previous owner that may not be available in a new home.

Cut your coat according to your cloth. Remember to factor in other future expenses such as furnishing when purchasing your home. Do not stretch yourself to get into a home.

Flexibility. Look for a home that has multiple functionality rooms. Open-floor-plan homes are adaptable. A kitchen overlooking the living room will help you monitor your kids and in later years it will be perfect for entertaining your guests.

Go for long term. Buy a home that you see yourself living in comfortably for a number of years. The cost of closing in a sale and also the moving costs tend to be very high, save yourself and wait out before moving to another home.

These tips are a great guide but the best of all tips is to go with your gut instincts. You will look back years later and be glad that you followed that inner voice.