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Jim V earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature with a concentration in the Modern American Novel. He studied Philosophy at the graduate level and worked as a university lecturer and assisted people with learning disabilities. As an undergraduate, Jim completed three majors, History of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Political Science, with a pre-law focus.
He has worked in daily, weekly and alternative print media for more than 20 years and has published thousands of articles on topics including congressional debates, court proceedings, Real Estate, business profiles, celebrity interviews, hard news, outdoors, gardening and A&E among others. Jim established himself as a prolific New England journalist and was repeatedly elevated to leadership roles at every publishing company.
Before college, his background also included growing up in a construction family. He worked in night club security (bouncer), as a personal fitness instructor, warehouse equipment operator and truck driver. His entrepreneurial endeavors include owning and operating an alternative magazine, two live music venues, and a restaurant.
In his younger days, Jim was also an athlete who won several national-level bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions.
Currently Jim works as a freelance ghostwriter, taking on select assignments.

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Writing Sample

The quiet hamlet of Hope Valley covers 17 square miles of farmland, forest and the watershed protected Wood River runs right through it. Anglers from across the nation come to test their skill in these pristine trout waters that stretch from the mouth of Arcadia National Park to Narragansett Bay. Visitors can embrace the natural beauty of its shoreline fauna and the nesting sites of endangered species such as Osprey while canoeing or hiking the designated foot trails created by Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management. During the evenings, locals and tourist gather at the historic Wood River Inn Restaurant and Pub for old world, New England-style meals and a showcase of the county’s finest bluegrass and country music bands. It’s a small town experience where people enjoy a steady, robust quality of life.