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Jessica is a licensed attorney and professional writer. She has been content writing and editing since 2011. She has developed SEO skills and a professional voice that businesses often appreciate. She has served as an editor, writer, and designer for newsletters, blogs, web content, and mass mailings. She takes great pride in her work and consistently delivers quality content.

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Writing Sample

Most slip and fall accidents do not result in serious injuries. However, there are some situations where medical treatment might be necessary after a fall. In these types of cases, you may have a legal claim. It could be against whoever owns the property or the entity that maintains the property. Proving liability in your case could entitle you to medical expenses, expenses related to lost time off of work, or pain and suffering.

What is a “Valid” Slip and Fall Claim?

Legal claims must meet certain requirements before they are considered “valid.” A valid slip and fall case involves showing that an unsafe condition existed. In most cases, you must also show that the property owner did not do anything to correct the unsafe condition.

A valid slip and fall case unusually involves a property owner that

  • should have known about something dangerous on their property,
  • knew about the dangerous condition, and did not correct it, or
  • caused a dangerous condition.

You must show that the property owner did not properly maintain their property.

Property Owner’s Duties

Property owners who know that other people will be on their property have a duty to make sure it is safe. Failing to do this could result in legal liability. This duty is especially strong in locations where the property owner knows that there will be a large number of people. This could include places like shopping malls, restaurants, or movie theaters.

Even regular homeowners have this type of duty if they know they are going to have guests. The rules are less strict for individuals, but they may still apply.

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Jessica did an excellent job simplifying some complex topics without sacrificing necessary details. Great to work with!
Great work! Exactly what I wanted!
Great work! Followed instructions to a T! Exactly what I was looking for!