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I'm new to content writing, but for the last 7 years, I've been a high school English teacher. I've spent hours upon hours instilling my passion for writing in others. I've loved every minute of it, but now, it's my turn to live my passion. I'm looking to shift my career from teaching to writing. Some people say, "Those who can, do. Those you can't, teach." Those people have been wrong about me.

I have hundreds of synthesized and simplified lessons under my belt. Similarly, I've edited hundreds of essays and assignments. I was the co-founder, the host, and a contributor for a weekly creative writing open mic, called Speak For Yourself for 1.5 years that is still running today. I have jumped at the opportunity to be a part of experiences like the Central Utah Writing Project.

Why writing? Because the written word has a way of grabbing an audience like no other form of communication, straight to the heart, and clear as day.

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