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Jessi, generally, is interested in learning.
Jessi also is really interested in authoring published work in my field... with her name on it.

She likes off-color humor, but she is culturally sensitive.

Jessi's primary occupation is education and training. She's taught many things:

English for middle and high school
Reading for ALL ages
Some math
Some science
Art Camps
Driver training - beginners and defensive driving
Currently safety training

She has written SEO articles off and on as a ghostwriter for 10 years, with large gaps between projects. She has also written oodles of academic papers, but she has not yet had anything published. She is comfortable in both fiction and nonfiction writing, though practical informational writing is her sweet spot.

EDUCATION:  Master's of Science and Bachelor's of Science from UL -Lafayette and Columbia Southern University BLOG:  Continuous Improvement and Safety
CERTIFICATIONS:  Associate Safety Professional, Driver Education Instructor CURRICULUM VITAE:  Must be logged in to view


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Writing Sample

5 Tips for Professional Assignment Writing

Working with an assignment writing service provides a steady stream of jobs - if you’re good at what you do. Supplying quality writing will help differentiate your skills in the field and make you an asset to your clients. Have you been practicing each of these tips?

Know your audience and demonstrate the proper tone

As with any piece of writing, the author is trying to express an idea. The best way to express that idea will depend on who is reading. Note: your client is not the audience. If you’re hired to write content for a website, your audience is likely going to be prospective customers. If you’re hired by a student, your audience will be an instructor. Knowing the audience will help you to effectively deliver the required purpose.

The tone is the attitude or voice that the author feels about the subject. In professional writing, you must put your own thoughts and feelings about the topic and write in the way that the client has explicitly requested. If the client does not request a specific tone, it’s a good idea to fall back on a professional or friendly tone.

Fulfill the purpose and adopt the correct perspective

When you’re contracted for a writing gig, it’s absolutely imperative that you understand the client’s purpose and the perspective from which you should be writing.

The purpose is the reason the assignment exists. Often times, assignments have a stated purpose and an implied purpose. If you’re hired by a student, for example, the stated purpose might be to explain the metaphorical hero’s quest in A Raisin in the Sun. The implied purpose would be to demonstrate to an instructor that the student has read the book and understands the concepts. When writing for businesses, the purpose is usually to drive traffic to a website by providing quality information.

The perspective of a written piece is the lens through which the author sees the topic. Professional writing often requires that authors play pretend. If you’re writing for a student, you must try to write the paper as the student would. With commercial writing, you’re trying to write from an authoritative view that the reader will trust.

Read the special instructions

Paying customers expect their instructions to be followed. Take the time before you start writing to read your assignment. This should go without saying, but at the very least, your writing should meet the requirements of the clients. Some clients are very specific about their needs and others are not. If you are unclear about instructions, clarify with your client. Sometimes you may feel that the purpose will be better met in another way, but you were hired to follow instructions. Student writing will require the teacher’s instructions as well as the client's instructions.

Compose sentences in the active voice

Grammar lessons: Sentences contain subjects and verbs. The subject is who or what the sentence is about. The verb is the action or state of being of the subject. When you craft a sentence in which the verb is happening to the subject, you are using the passive voice. It’s passive because the subject is not doing anything. It is boring.  

“Your requirements are understood and will be followed.”

The active voice requires that the subject of the sentence does something or is something. The active voice is bold and more interesting. More important, active voice portrays confidence.

“I understand your instructions and will follow them.”


Produce quality material

Professional writers are effective in adding value with the pieces they write. You can do this by making sure that you understand the topic well enough to form an educated opinion about it. While the instructions may only require that you present factual, unbiased information, you will be a better writer if you know about your topic. Your word choice will be more accurate, and your piece will have clarity. Your work is far more valuable when you can deliver quality content.