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I am a copywriter and blogger with an ample amount of experience as an article, blog, and website content writer. No topic is too technical or to in-depth for me to write about because I have written content in a variety of niches.

I take pride in the work I create and the results I give my clients by writing content that reaches their target audience. Over the years, I have written for content marketing agencies and various small businesses. I have been a regular contributor to a popular blog called Thrive Global and published in Gluten-Free Magazine, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

If you need help with your content, I can write content that will be on the front page of Google and boost your search engine visibility.

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Writing Sample

                                Twin Babies: Are They Rare?


There are 360,000 newborns that are born every day. Most parents plan to have one child at a time, but sometimes they can get pregnant unexpectedly with twins, or maybe they want to have twins. There is a lot of different myths and information on whether having twin babies are rare. You can have twins naturally or with fertility treatments. 

There are no proven ways to conceive twins, but it can happen. Physicians do not understand all the reasons why twins are born, but studies have shown whether having twin babies are rare or not:

 Are Twin Babies Rare?

It is uncommon to have twins, but the birth rate has risen to 70% over the years. The chances of having twin babies have increased to 32.6 per 1,000 births. Women who wait to have kids after 35 years old are most likely to have twins.  

If a woman becomes pregnant with twins, they are prone to having fraternal twins, then identical twins. There are many things that increase the chances of having twins, such as family history, age, race, fertility treatment, and weight. The two types of twins that you can have are fraternal and identical. 

Fraternal Twins

If a woman is pregnant with twins, it is more common for them to give birth to fraternal twins. Fraternal twins are no different from having siblings that are born years apart. You can have two girls, two boys, or a boy and a girl. 

Fraternal twins occur when two eggs are fertilized separately by two sperm cells. They don’t share the same DNA, which makes them similar to siblings that are not born together. A mother can easily get pregnant with fraternal twins if they are a twin themselves or runs in their family. 

Identical Twins

Having identical twins is rare. 3 to 4 1,000 births are identical twins. Unlike fraternal twins, identical twins are always the same sex, either two boys or two girls. They share the same DNA and egg. Identical twins occur when a single fertilized egg divide into two.

Your family history is not always related to having identical twins. Rarely twin babies are born identical because their mother or father is a twin. All identical twins do not look alike because of the womb position. Although identical twins may look alike, they still have separate identities and things that make them unique from their brother or sister. 

There are many risks and benefits when it comes to having twins. Although twins are more common over the years, it is still rare to give birth to twin babies. Having fraternal or identical twins is a rare experience that few people get a chance to have. 

You may not plan to have twins, but fertility treatments and environmental factors can increase your likelihood of having twin babies. No special pill has been made for people that want to have twins, but when you do have fraternal or identical twins, you will be a part of a small percentile of parents.