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Location:  Ledyard, CT
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I am an aspiring writer and carpenter looking for a break in both worlds. I do volunteer work at a local shop so I have some working knowledge on carpentry and woodworking which would be good for any blogger/company who needs help getting some articles out on that.

I have been working on a sci-fi novel for the past several years, which I have finally reached the half-way point last summer and am almost ready to submit it to publishers. As a result, I have been doing some heavy research on how to properly submit content to publishers. I have also helped various friends and colleagues with writing projects, including several treatments and couple of novel synopsis's.

I have a couple dozen books on publishing, marketing and editing. So why haven't I published anything yet? Mostly because I am taking my time. I am extraordinarily picky with my content. I can be both prolific and very slow as a result. I have been able to write entire chapters in a day, while other days I can barely get out a sentence. My fastest typing speed with 100% accuracy is 80 wpm.

I have some very valuable editing experience which I picked up from film school. Granted, my expertise is screenwriting but editing for novels, screenplays, shorts, posts or content editing isn't a problem for me. I have also received some tutelage from a former co-worker who used to be a professional screenwriter for UCLA and a graduate of AFI.

EDUCATION:  BFA from CW Post Campus of Long Island University BLOG:  None provided
CERTIFICATIONS:  BFA in Film, focused on screenwriting. CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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