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Writing Sample

How to Stain Wood Furniture with Instant Coffee

Staining a piece of wood furniture with instant coffee is a straight forward process. It's a great alternative to the smelly, messy, sticky oil stains you've used before. And the beauty of it is that you don't have to buy something specifically for the job (which is usually expensive). You probably already have instant coffee in you home.

Prepare The Wood:

Before you stain your wood furniture with instant coffee, make sure to prepare the piece of furniture by doing the following:

1)Fill all holes, cracks, dents & dings that need to be filled

2) Do any sanding you need too, including the filler.

3) Finish up all repair work like rebuilding a corner or replacing a table leg

4) Make sure the surface of your wood furniture is clean of all residue from chemicals like paint remover/stripper and sanding dust. Use a tack cloth (a piece of cheesecloth dipped in mineral spirits. You can buy these almost anywhere paint is sold), or make you own by soaking a rag in paint thinner.

Time To Stain:

To stain wood furniture with instant coffee, simply mix it up just like you're making a cup of coffee. Making your mix stronger or weaker wont make a difference. When you have your mix, apply it to the wood using either a rag, brush, or foam brush. Make sure to soak the wood thoroughly (don't worry if it puddles up). Let it sit for a few minutes, about five or ten, then wipe off a small, hidden area to check for the shade you want. If it's not dark enough, let it sit longer. The wood will only absorb so much, so don't let it sit too long or it will dry on top of the wood. This gives it that uneven, blotchy look. Once you have the shade you want, wipe the instant coffee stain mix off and let it dry completely.

A Note On Wood & Moisture:

Remember, anytime moisture is applied to wood, the fibers will become raised. Staining with instant coffee doesn't change that. Just use a fine grit sandpaper or 000 or 0000 steel wool and lightly sand to smooth it out. Clean up the sanding dust. Once it's smoothed and cleaned, it's ready for you to apply your finish.

Staining wood furniture with instant coffee is a wonderful change from the expensive, messy stains you always used before.