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Marketing case studies with industry experience and perspective written for software and IT companies. Professional, engaging, accessible, quote-rich, with quantified results. Satisfaction guaranteed!

An experienced writer with strong technical and business backgrounds.

Clients include Microsoft Windows Client Group, Trapp Online, eMazzanti Technologies, Encore Technology Group, Fuller Solutions, TOPS Software, etc.

The customer's own words, expertly organized, edited and polished combined with quantified results make a compelling case study!

I handle everything from the interviews through the review cycle and require no supervision. Studies take three to four weeks to produce including interviews, draft and review cycles. Can start two studies per week.

Also write white papers, press releases, articles and website copy. Articles published in C-Level Mag., Scottsdale Airpark Mag.

MBA, Software developer, entrepreneur, software startups, IT and Software niche market consulting

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Writing Sample

Global IT Services Provider Trusts Forecasting
Application Development to Fuller Solutions

“Fuller Solutions is one of our trusted partners and a valued technology and business advisor. It’s been a great relationship, one we want to continue to expand on.” Stan Lequin, vice president, services, Insight

The services division of Insight increased the billable time of fifty project managers by 15% using a custom data gathering, reporting and forecasting application developed by Fuller Solutions. The projected monthly labor savings exceed 200% of the total project investment. Improved forecasts will yield greater visibility into the organization, resulting in better management decisions. Insight considers Fuller Solutions to be a trusted partner in the success of their business.

Business Needs

Manual Forecasting

In the rapidly growing IT services division of Insight, project managers manually submitted revenue, hours, and costs weekly.  The data was then manually compiled and audited during a conference call with the operations manager.  Aggregated data was sent to the vice president for review. The finance department would then manually extract and import data into their tool for reporting.

Reduced Revenue

The whole time-consuming process took project managers away from billable activities, negatively impacting revenue. “We were looking for a way to streamline and automate a laborious manual process that included spreadsheets, Sharepoint portals and some automation,” stated Paul Elliott, director, services - ICS PMO Leader.

Inaccurate Forecasts

Duplicate data entry and multiple steps in the process compounded the opportunities for mistakes. “Human errors would reflect in inaccurate forecasts,” said Stan Lequin, vice president, services. “With 50  project managers, that could be pretty impactful to what we’re stating vs. actuals.”


Prioritized as one of the top five internal improvement efforts of 2013, Insight sought competitive bids from four IT services providers.  Fuller Solutions earned the contract based on several factors.

“Fuller Solutions exhibited subject matter expertise in the areas we needed; they were willing and able to provide the resources in the required time-frame; and they had a track record of delivering to their commitments,” explained Elliott. “They had demonstrated value in a project management role and we felt comfort-able engaging them for a development project due to their familiarity with our type of work and our processes.”

Approval Assist

Patrick Fuller, CEO, Fuller Solutions worked with Insight to get the project approved. “He worked extremely well and at length with all of the different teams to get an understanding of how the different processes worked and where we could streamline,” stated Lequin. “He built out the ROI and gave me a forward-looking presentation to get buy-in from my leadership.”

Business Process Improvement

The custom application would replace the existing spreadsheets with a more flexible and manageable web-based application, integrate data from SAP into SQL Server, and integrate the custom application with SharePoint and Project Server.


  •  Improve speed and accuracy by reducing dependence on Excel
  •  Create efficiencies with automation
  •  Decrease errors and time to complete forms
  •  Enable near-real time reporting and analytics


  •  A thorough analysis of existing data, processes and tools
  •  Migration of independent data repositories into a centralized data warehouse
  •  Development of a custom portal for weekly project related inputs
  •  Workflow automation for review procedures
  •  Development of near real-time reporting and analytics from on-site and cloud based data
  •  Program oversight and leadership

Effective Design

Well-executed discovery and design processes helped to avoid re-dos and add-on functionality. “They asked the right questions,” explained Lequin. “This helped to get team buy-in with the conceptual design and to turn that design into a completed solution.”

Efficient Development

“The development was made efficient by the thoroughness of the design and discovery elements,” stated Elliott. “It’s one of their strengths. And, if we did find something in the testing that was an unplanned result, the development team had a good handle on change control and remediation.”

Smooth Implementation

Insight used a development and QA environment, and a production environment to implement the project. “The implementation was well-thought-out and well-structured with a pilot group launch and then a full launch,” explained Elliott. “They considered all of the communication, features, people, and processes to help our implemen-tation be as smooth as possible.”

“The pilot testing has gone well, and we’ve had fewer issues than expected,” stated Lequin. “That shows a great job of matching up business requirements to the end-state application.”

Exceptional Collaboration

“Collaboration is a big point for us. We are in the services business and know the value of constant and frequent communication,” stated Elliott. “Fuller Solutions met our high standard of expectation. They built trust and relationships quickly with project team members. And, they were flexible and considerate of our time and other business priorities.”

“Patrick tailored the communication to the level of information I needed,” explained Lequin. “There’s an ease in working with them and their skill level is top notch.”


Billable Time Increased 15%

Insight projects fifty project managers will each save six hours per week. “The new application will save fifteen percent of project managers’ time,” stated Lequin. “It allows them to get more involved with our clients and working on more billable activities. And, there’s a close correlation of the time that’s saved turning into revenue.”

ROI Exceeds 200% Per Month

Additional efficiencies will be realized in finance and operations. Together with the time saved by project managers, the projected monthly labor savings exceed 200% of the total project investment. “Those projections are pretty much on par,” stated Lequin.

Accurate Forecasts

The new application improves the accuracy of division forecasts. “Fuller Solutions has created a system that gives us better visibility into the organization to make better decisions,” stated Lequin. “With better data and real-time reporting we can analyze where we’re seeing the highest returns from our projects.”

Team Satisfaction

The relationships and trust that Fuller Solutions built with Insight created support for project implementation. “One of the immediate results is teammate satisfaction,” explained Lequin. “They are replacing a lot of manual processes that were painful. People are excited to see where we are with the tool set.”

A Trusted Development Partner

“Fuller Solutions provided a solution in a professional and timely manner,” stated Elliott. “I would recommend them to similar organizations because of their competency, collaborative spirit and ease to work with. I consider them a trusted advisor.”

“Fuller Solutions is extremely profes-sional and extremely well-polished. They understand both the technology and the business side of it,” stated Lequin. “The end-state matches exactly what you were looking for, and what was promised.”


Customer: Insight
Location: Global
Industry: IT Services
Partner: Fuller Solutions


Insight Enterprises, Inc. (Insight) is a global provider of information technology (IT) hardware, software and service solutions with sales of $5.1 billion. Organized into fifty project teams, their IT Services division provides IT strategy and assessment, design, implementation, integration, management, and cloud and hosted services to business and public sector organizations.

Insight is focused on helping organizations move technology goals forward in the areas of office productivity, unified communications and collaboration, mobility, network and security, data center and virtualization, data protection and cloud.