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I am 33 years old. I have always been passionate about writing, but I began writing professionally about a year ago. I am very passionate about pets, relationships and marriage, and parenting, but I don't mind writing about other topics. I have always had a desire to learn, and writing about different topics allows me to learn about them as I go.

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Writing Sample


Pitbulls have gotten a bad rap in recent years. They are a beautiful, loving, and family friendly breed when raised correctly. So why do they have such a bad reputation? Why are many places banning owning them?

From the perspective of dog fighters, pitbulls are excellent fighting dogs. When they bite down on something in aggression, their jaws lock. They are also extremely tough. They are also loyal to their owners and want to please them. So when a dog is taught to be aggressive and fight, it does so in part to please its owner. They are naturally protective, and will fight when they believe their home or family is in danger. Dog fighters exploit all these traits to turn a normally affectionate gentle dog into a fighting machine.

Even if these dogs are lucky enough to be rescued, chances are they will be put down simply because it is so difficult to find homes for them. Many places, including cities, are banning people from owning these dogs. This is completely unfair to these dogs and the people that love them.

What do pitbull lovers see in this breed? I have owned a pitbull myself and found them to be one of the most gentle, loving, and affectionate dogs I have ever owned. We had a small child at the time, and our pitbull didn’t mind at all if his tail or ears got pulled. He was very loving and affectionate with everyone who came to our house as well. He kept the coyotes and snakes well away from our property, but got along wonderfully with our other dog.

If you have never owned or spent time with a pitbull, I urge you to do so. Please don’t judge these dogs based on misinformation and the bad intentions of others. There are many pitbulls out there in need of nothing more than an understanding loving home.