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I am a 55-year-old guy that has had to retire early due to some health issues. I have no problem writing, however, and have over 20 years of writing experience writing for news outlets.

To me it is not about the money, although it's nice, it's all about the art and the craft of the written word.

The only distractions I have are the 3 office cats that constantly remind me that their food bowl is empty other than that I write. All-day. Everyday.

My hobby is taking the average casual passive reader and turning them into loyal followers and repeat customers!

I do look forward to success her at Content Runner

EDUCATION:  Journalism from University of Alabama at Birmingham BLOG:  The Write Life
CERTIFICATIONS:  I am "Certifiable" alright! CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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Writing Sample

Using These Uncertain Times To My Advantage

How many of you have been affected by the current state of affairs? You all know that I am referring to the world of the Coronavirus. Or the lack of a world.

At no other time in history have we been faced with an adversary such as this. It not only has changed how each individual lives, but it has touched every aspect of our lives and our economy as well as the global infrastructure.

But all is not lost! How can I dare say this at this time? What is keeping me on a positive note each and every day? It is simply what I have decided to do with this time that I seem to have on my hands. I am doing my very best to use it wisely and to my advantage. Here's how.

  •  I am taking this opportunity to totally re-vamp my freelance business. From the ground up.
  •  I am refreshing all of my social media profiles.
  •  I am optimizing all of my social media connections.
  •  I am writing more.
  •  I am promoting my brand better.
  •  I am becoming a better writer and a better person.

This may seem like a lot of me talking about me. It is. I am using this time that I have to put myself and my business in a better place on the other side of this thing? Which brings up another point.

What is the face of business going to look like when this pandemic is over? There were already record levels of remote workers in just the US alone, so what is the face of the remote workforce going to look like post Coronavirus? Has the Coronavirus also killed the 9 to 5 cubicle life? Are corporate execs using this time to study the possibility of a virtual office to promote productivity? Will corporate America now offer remote working in more places, to take care of more things?

It's a lot of questions but it has just got me thinking about how this will change the very essence of a business and the way it is done. And as far as the business world goes, I think this is a good thing. It is a change.

I also think that when we see the light at the end of the tunnel we are ALL going to take a more proactive approach to our own health. I myself have taken my health for granted and never once thought of what I might do if I could not do it anymore?

Let's all use this time of "what if?" to make a better "I am!"