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Megan is a driven freelance marketer passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content. Not only can she provide great content but her own life story and background are really driven in her passion for storytelling.

As a current freelancer, seeking an opportunity for work to support her dreams and her son as a single mother, she is responsible for implementing the true and real side of parenthood from a solo parents thoughts and feelings. The journey of financial hardship. The duty she believes she has to share now to help others in the content she creates of her long sleepless hours spent finding opportunities to change her situation for a lifetime.

When she isn’t working at home, you’ll find Megan creating content for her active YouTube channel on mommy, lifestyle, and motivation. Spending quality time and memories with her son, organizing and doing school work to pursue dental hygiene.

EDUCATION:  Associates of Science from Portland Community College BLOG:  None provided
CERTIFICATIONS:  Dental Assistant Certification CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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Writing Sample

The Las Vegas adventure of Tracy Millers

Tracy has always been an adventurous girl who dreamt of visiting “Las Vegas” someday. She had heard so much about this great city and fulfilling this dream will be her biggest adventure ever in her goal list of travelling. She had so many places in mind to visit and having this fun-trip was a great way to enjoy her vacation from work. Being a lover of nature, she decided to visit the Grand Canyon, have a helicopter tour at night so as to have a better view of the city and sky diving.

Are you wondering why Tracy is so fascinated about this trip? Read on to find out more about

The Las Vegas Fun Trip

She opened up to her adventure diary and noted the Las Vegas segment of it. In her diary, she had mapped out a plan on how to spend the vacation. She, later on, packed her clothes which were all casual outfits; high waist jeans, sneakers, with t-shirts of her favorite color and brands. After making reservations of where she was going to lodge, she made sure that the room she got had a nice view from outside especially to see the stars. Stargazing is a hobby she enjoyed doing much and had most of her inspiration while doing it. She would recount about her company, family and friends, thinking of better ways to improve and balance her life.

She was so happy that her Las Vegas dream was finally coming to pass and she was extremely excited about the new experiences she was going to build. They are memories she knew she would take a long time to forget. To read the full adventure story of Tracy Millers, click here….