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I've been working as a content writer while travling the world since 2009. Topics I've covereed range from roofing materials for single-wide trailers to instructions for building a linux file server. I have also taken on projects of various sizes such as 50 word product descriptions and 2,500 word white papers. As a liberal arts student, I studied computer science, electrical engineering, and the culinary arts before earning undergraduate degrees in philosophy and political science. I've gone on to earn an MA in political science from UNC, code web app using Rails, and travel the world. I've lived and worked all along the East coast of the US as well as Spain, France, Italy, Bolivia, and Andorra. I'll spend the summer of 2014 writing while visiting Turkey, Greece, and Spain. Let me know how I can put my experience to work for your project.

EDUCATION:  MA Political Science from UNC BLOG:  Frank C Jones
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Writing Sample

You can find lots of my writing samples online. Take a look at my profile on WriterAccess or my profile on Scripted for some statistics about my writing with those agencies. I also have some articles published on the Scripted blog which you could look at as writing samples. For a longer writing sample, you could read my MA thesis on the “Relationship Between the Strength of Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation”. You can also find me on Wikipedia and my own sites: Travel Jones, Cited Scholar, Jones PC Repair.

If you're looking for a particular type of writing sample, I can probably provide something similar to your project. Lots of my work has been done as a ghost writer and I cannot publish it online (that would conflict with the clients needs). I can, however, provide individuals with copies of my ghost writing work for review provided it is not published online.