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Colin is a blogger with experience in marketing, copy-writing, social networks, WordPress and social media.

He is an International Business Professional and he has significant experience in marketing-related activities and business assistance. "Creative thinking and Innovation" is his motto!

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Writing Sample

How to Organize Your Office Space

Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a single file for hours, yet it’d been found within minutes if your office space was well organized. Throwing a file in a random shelf or box seems harmless until you’ll need one urgently, but you cannot simply locate it. Although managing your space seems a daunting task, it’s a worthwhile course. You just need a good plan!

First, segment your work zones. Consider dividing your working space according to the type of work. You could have a computer work station at one end of the office, and a reading lounge at the other end. All the paper work could be allotted some space too. Segmenting work zones helps you yield the optimum productivity you’ve set to achieve.

Second, remove all the unnecessary items in your office. They could include documents, files, stationery and furniture. Keep what’s useful and toss the unnecessary items. Completing an office purge helps you analyze all the items you have in your office.

Now that you have segmented your work zones and purged your office, label your files and documents. Choose an appropriate labeling system that will help you filter important documents in a split second. Ensure all bins, folders, shelves and drawers are labeled. Confidential documents will be safer!

With a well-organized office space, you’re motivated to keep working. It looks tidy and neat. Give your visitors a positive impression by organizing your work space today. Besides, a neat office could be all you needed to meet deadlines in time.

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