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I will write a good quality article, story or any other form of literature for your project. It can relate to any subject of life like history, Media studies, Marketing, Current affairs, Food and industry, Medical, Cultural perspectives, Geographical dispersion and Ongoing events.

I will compose my scripts using excellent vocabulary that will allow the reader to comprehend complex scenarios easily.In this way my academic and content writings will help you achieve the purpose of your projects.I can write in any style you need, giving attention to minute details of punctuation. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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Writing Sample

Savor The Layover


Planes, trains and automobiles keep things moving for us at a quick and steady pace. And while these vehicles of transportation play a key role in how we move about our daily lives, sometimes things can go array in our travels. We've all sat through the dreaded bumper to bumper traffic jam and most likely have learned ways to distract ourselves, but what does one do for hours or even days during an airport layover? During peak seasons airports essentially can become your 5 p.m. rush hour traffic with no sign of letting up, so here are just a few things to help you enjoy your time during the layover.


The key to any and all layover problems is knowing what to bring as your carry-on. Your carry-on should contain any and all things that would normally keep you distracted on the plane. Now, of course, considering that you probably only expected to spend a couple of hours in the air you may not have brought enough to divert you for the long haul. But lucky for you many international airports are essentially mini malls, so finding things to do while you wait shouldn't prove to be a difficult feat. Airport retail is the way to go if you you're looking for some unique items that you normally couldn't find shopping at your local stores. A couple popular airport retail stores you should check out are The Shoppes at Ocean Drive in the Miami International Airport and Fred Segal at Los Angeles International Airport.


In addition to the many things to do at the airport WiFi is going to be your best friend in this situation, so be sure to utilize that once you step foot into your terminal. While many people are up and ready to go exploring there are some that prefer to just take it easy and kick their feet out. The airport is no stranger to sleeper's catching a couple Zzz's throughout the day. Many international airports, such as Abu Dhabi Airport even have special pods that you can sleep in for a more privacy. After that nap is over you could always grab something sweet from the cafe or perhaps have a drink or two and strike up a conversation with others at the bar.


Getting stuck during an airport layover doesn't have to be all bad. It's truly just the beginning of a brand new adventure. Think about it ... you're surrounded by people from all around the world, so make a friend or two, do some exploring and savor the layover in your terminal.