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Writing Sample

Limiting your Distractions

By Danesha Palmer


Ever have trouble focusing on completing a writing assignment, projects, or task in a timely matter? Distractions make it hard for one to complete things and are often the beginning of procrastination. It makes it hard to remember to get things done or done in a timely matter. Here are a few tips that may be able to help you regain your focus to finish your work in no time.

Find a quiet place to work. You may have heard this statement many times, but it can be true. Finding a quiet place to work allows you to be in a position where you can think clear thoughts and put 100% effort into making the project or task the best that it can be.

Place your phone on do not disturb. We are all aware that technology has advance society and has made life almost effortless. But turning your phone on do not disturb allows you not to have to fight the urge to glance at your screen every time you get a notification. The objective is to not redirect thoughts and focusing in on the moment. If fact, in some cases, one may have to go to the extent of completely shutting your phone off. This will only guarantee that you won’t be tempted to grab it when it chimes.

Design a plan or a checklist. Try making a list of everything you want to accomplish. This gives you a more direct path to everything you would like to get done.

Give yourself motivation with a reward. This can be a good method to eliminate any excuses not completing your tasks at hand. Promising yourself a reward at the completion of the tasks can inspire you to work faster and gives you something to look forward to and work towards. Your reward can be your favorite sweet treat, some quiet tv time, or relaxation in the bathe.

Try one of these tips or try them all to increase your chances of limiting any distractions.