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Denise Gabbard is an experienced and professional writer, that has been working online since 2008. Also experienced in creating websites, SEO and social media marketing, she builds social media accounts and networks for businesses and writes web content; including blogs, websites and social media posts. Her prices are reasonable and transparent, and her work gets results!

"Denise has been phenomenal in helping us engage with our audience through all social media tools, including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and beyond. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an expanded social media presence."--Chris Hobson, CEO of BIOBLISS

Denise Gabbard has been writing professionally for over ten years, has a published health book, and writes for Brunswick Life Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and USA Today, in addition to hundreds of online websites.

Clips of her writing are available at and additional information, testimonials and service menu is at her website, Boost Business Branding.

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Writing Sample

14 Quick Tips for Branding Your Business

To be successful in today’s competitive business environment, you must be consistent, persistent and assertive, no matter the size of your business. What’s more, you need to stand out from the crowd! What does it take to do that? Here are 14 quick action tips.

  1. Know your Unique Value--- why customers should do business with you? Always be ready to tell people about your business.
  2. Decide what market to target based on your products or services.
  3. Create a logo and use it on your website, business cards, advertising.
  4. Create a website. This is a must-- potential clients expect it.
  5. Build quality references about you and your business online.
  6. Formulatea social media strategy. B2B? Linkedin Selling products? Instagram or Pinterest
  7. Be consistent in your voice and your message; post regularly.
  8. Build your reputation in your industry; your personality and knowledge will make people want to do business with you.  
  9. Speak, write and teach others. Potential customers love to buy from industry experts.
  10. Partner with other business people. Network!
  11. Volunteer or donate to community causes and events.
  12. Use strong SEO techniques so that potential customers will find you easily online.
  13. Measure success and adjust. Ditch what doesn’t work and do more of what does.
  14. Need help with strategy or implementation? Contact me anytime!

Article Reviews

A thoughtfully written case study that clearly conveys the contributions of our sales professionals.
Denise has continued to provide excellent wordsmithing. In this case, a well thought out narrative that communicates process improvement.
Great content right out of the gate. I'd highly recommend Denise.
PERFECT. Denise delivered EXACTLY what I was looking for, my faith in contentrunner just got restored lol :)