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Location:  Albuquerque , NM
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Born in Puyallup, Washington. Loves Tacoma. Lives in Albuquerque. Poker, Soccer, Football. Nerd, pretend writer, idiot. A Cascadian from a world covered in green and bountiful with water, who due to circumstance was transplanted in the American Southwestern desert. I am like Muad' Dib but without the followers, royal blood, or glowing blue eyes.

My interest for writing and for study lie in History (Old West, Classical, European, WWII), Tolkien, General Nerdom (Comics, Television, Film, Literature), Social Issues, Mental Illness, Researching, and occasional blogging.

Currently I am working on a few articles to be submitted/sold. I am also working on a book combining my interest in Wild West history and my personal experience with anxiety and agoraphobia.

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