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58-year-old Veteran of the U.S. Army – my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was “Journalist”. I've always kept that journalistic mentality of requiring a minimum of three sources to verify something as “fact”. However, obviously my intent is not to approach projects as journalistic ventures (unless directed so).

After primarily writing human interest stories for the Army for a few years I drifted into the legal field proofing documents as a law clerk/paralegal for a couple major Chicago law firms; then back to school to get my Bachelor's in Communication. I ended up working for a smaller-market newspaper (Evansville Courier & Press) for a couple years in southern Indiana just as the digital age was shedding its infancy "scales" exposing it to the viral effect of the last 20+ years that's left us all “dodging, thrusting and parrying” to make our marks in the new information orbit.

{NOTE: Okay, just sufficiently and distinctively aged myself to the point where I feel compelled... we're actually “tweeting, texting and DM'ing”.}

So, it was in Evansville, Indiana during the late 90s where I whetted my online literary teeth as a Content Producer (one of the originals with such a job title related to the Internet?); as part of a team that ensured smooth transfer of content from the paper's print version to the online version while also producing ideas and content to attract readers to the "burgeoning phenomenon" called the world wide web?!

Upon returning to Chicago, I found myself trudging along as a “cookie-cutter” copywriter for a small, yet unique company that flourished in the online real estate advertising sector. I eventually managed major real estate agencies' use of the proprietary ad management system while overseeing the work flow and aptitude of the daily copy writing operations.

I've also dabbled in fiction. My writing skills are thoroughly adaptable to virtually all scenarios and written arenas with a mindset always prepared for ancillary or original approaches to concepts presented for transformation to full fruition via the written word. You provide the issue, product or concept along with a format, I'll provide a vision to capture roving surfers, captive audiences' inclinations, contrarians' need for a "good fight" or even soothing rhetoric for those seeking affirmation of their preconceived notions. If you need tuna-spiced ginger snaps sold, I'll find a way to at least draw the curious portion of the masses to visit their search engines for an answer: “Tuna ginger snaps - are there really some culinary freaks out there trying to peddle such rancid delights?”

Take your time and review other writers, their takes (and proposed stakes) and their offerings. But don't limit your options... you can take the direct path and contact me now for a truncated version of “give-and-take” regarding your project and see if a spark emerges. If this scenario extends some, so be it.

Thanks for your time. Christopher

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