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I'll provide you with concise, high-quality content that is accurate and helpful to your readers. Every article I write is unique and free of plagiarism. I'm also very careful to avoid repetitive phrasing, typos and fluff.

I started writing online in March 2012. Since that time I've written over 1,000 articles for clients on websites similar to ContentRunner, and I've written over 300 posts for blogs and niche sites of my own.

I also worked for my college newspaper as a copy editor, writer and photographer way back in the day. (2020 UPDATE: now I'm going back to school at age 44 to get a degree wtf!)

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Writing Sample

Local SEO Guide: 3 Rules You Must Follow To Rank In Google

To attract new customers and maintain steady sales, your business needs to be found in Google’s search results. Potential customers in your area are searching for goods and services that you offer, but if they aren’t finding your company, then they’re finding your competitors. To position yourself to attain those valuable new customers, you must engage in local SEO best practices.

In this local SEO guide we’ll discuss three important ways to boost your company’s visibility in local online search rankings.

1. Maintain a Consistent Identity Across Web Listings And Platforms

Even here in 2016, local business owners are still largely unaware of the large amount of misinformation about their company that is floating around the Internet. We’re not talking about anything sinister, though. In many cases, happy customers are talking about your business and sharing their experiences on blogs and local review sites, but they’re unintentionally including inaccurate location and contact info about the company.

When your company fails to present a consistent NAP (name, address and phone number) and physical identity online, your local SEO is weakened due to these scattered messages being picked up by Google. To strengthen these signals, it’s important to make sure that they are all accurate and consistent across platforms and listings. Perform a Google search and check to see that all of the following are listed consistently and accurately around the web:

  • Company name
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Email address


2. Get More Positive Local Reviews and Ratings

Positive customer reviews are the bread and butter of local SEO. Your online reputation is heavily influenced by the number of 4- and 5-star reviews associated with your business. You must work tirelessly to earn those reviews, and one of the best ways to instantly get more of them is to ask! Make sure that every one of your employees who has contact with your customers is asking them for positive reviews on your website, on Yelp, on and other platforms. Every customer interaction is an opportunity for a positive citation online.

3. Publish High-Quality Blog Content That Attracts Links From Local Customers And Vendors

No SEO strategy would be complete without going after backlinks. You already know that your company blog is a tool for attracting targeted leads, but should also be attracting backlinks from customers, vendors and other partners in your local community.

To attract links from your local area, include blog posts and news articles that are of particular interest to locals. If appropriate, create entertaining videos and informative infographics as linkbait. Every link you attract from local bloggers, local businesses, news outlets and even consumers’ social media accounts is a vote of trust in the eyes of Google, and those signals will influence your search rankings.

Use this mini local SEO guide as a starting point to level up your business’ position in Google rankings, particularly in local search. Make sure your NAP is consistent across the web, go after those positive customer reviews and include locally-focused blog content to attract backlinks.


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