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I am a no-nonsense writer. I will ensure that your job is done accurately, professionally, and skillfully. I love everything about writing, and will write on virtually any topic presented.

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Writing Sample


It is hard for someone who doesn’t have to live with it to understand what borderline

personality disorder is all about. I work with people who have borderline personality

disorder and I can tell you this; it isn’t an easy job. Not knowing what you are going to

face in the course of a day; having to watch someone go from being a happy go lucky

soul to drowning in despair, full of hate and anger and the next day or even a few hours

later, back to “normal”, or as near normal as some-one with borderline personality

disorder can be.  It’s hard and it’s draining but, when the treatment works, it’s worth it.

Borderline personality disorder is a soul-destroying disorder, not just for the person

going through it but for those that care for them and love them as well. Families can be

torn apart, relationships can founder and the person who lives with it fears

abandonment but is helpless to control their feelings and their actions. They suffer

tremendous amounts of emotional and mental anguish and pain, struggling to come to

terms with their sudden changes from nice to nasty in an instant. It’s hard enough for

them to understand what’s happening to them so how can we possibly even begin to

help them?

This book has been produced to help you to understand what borderline personality

disorder is, how it happens and what to look out for. I have also included some tips on

how you can help a person with borderline personality disorder to live and on coping

skills for you as well.

I hope you take the time to understand this disorder and how much it can wreak havoc

in the lives of everyone involved and not just the bystanders of this disease. The people

who suffer with this disorder on a daily basis deserve the care and compassion that

comes with any other disorder that impedes happiness and joy.

The knowledge that you take away from this book can be used in your everyday life to

help people with multiple types of mental disorders, including those that suffer with

depression, manic highs and various other psychological changes. Understanding one

disorder that stands in the way of someone’s happiness can help you to develop a better

understanding of other disorders.