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I'm a versatile writer and content producer who has been active in marketing, copywriting and SEO development since it became a thing. I've learned that, although search algorithms (aka search engine rules) change with the wind, the success formula is consistent: entertaining, well-targeted copy and content always achieves its goal.

I write and produce relevant, solution-focused content that helps to sell products, build brands and create connections. I remain up-to-date with currently successful SEO practices for large and small businesses.

My aim is to use the ideal voice that reflects the personality of my client, whether it is approachable and friendly, geeky and funny, fact-filled and authoritative, high-end and sophisticated or state-of-the-art and edgy.

I help businesses showcase their expertise by writing well-researched, engaging content for blogs, web pages and more. I also brainstorm new concepts for business sites, including pages like: Products and Services, FAQs and more.


Professional Background and Employment History:

Worked at Warner Bros Records for 10 years in Alternative Marketing. Spent 5 years at Citysearch, when they were just leaving the "startup" phase, as Web design and QA manager. Consulted for a year at PPLA (Planned Parenthood Los Angeles) writing website copy and doctor-reviewed patient information brochures on medical topics, as well as fundraising material and newsletters.

Now, I'm a freelance writer for a variety of small businesses, from physicians and medical practices, to self help and mental health sites, to small biz marketing tips, to pets and veterinary, to...much more. (See niches listed.)


Published work under my byline: includes AOL (in the travel, health and careers sections), eHow (DIY, craft, special education and pet care/animal articles) --plus tons of ghostwritten blogs found all across the Internet!

EDUCATION:  Graphic and Web Design from Platt College from CSUN studied journalism with psych minor BLOG:  None provided
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SAMPLE: Could Your Green Tea Latte Be a Miracle Drug?

Actually, it might be pretty close. Traditional medicine and alternative healers, as well as the ancient Chinese some 4000 years ago, actually agree on this one! Green tea may improve or help prevent: rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, heart disease, infection, cavities and gingivitis--and many more adverse health conditions. In fact, a large Japanese study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (September 2006), shows evidence that drinking green tea lowers the risk of death due to all causes

Why Does It Work?

The secret of green tea’s health miracle lies in the powerful anti-oxidants it contains. Immensely beneficial polyphenol …plus other health-promoting substances abound in green tea. These little miracle workers have an amazing effect on the human body--and our health.

All This, and It Even Helps You Lose Weight?

Yep. It is said to speed up metabolism as well as increase fat burning. Not only that, but drinking the tea has been shown to provide a combination of invigorating and calming qualities, increasing focus without causing anxiety or drowsiness. See where the miracle factor comes in?

Ok What’s the Down Side?

Few side effects have been reported, other than minimal caffeine effects. Green tea contains 30 – 60 percent less caffeine than coffee, but may still affect your system. Insomnia has been reported if tea is drunk late in the day and more frequent urination can result, depending on the amount you drink. These seem to be a small price to pay for such a health boost!

A “Medicine” That Tastes Good Too?

Made from the leaves of an evergreen tree in the magnolia family with the botanical name Camellia sinensis, as are both oolong and black tea, green tea has a “green” slightly astringent flavor similar to that of the fresh leaf. For some it takes a bit of getting used to, but if the taste does not appeal to you, there are many formulations on the vitamin supplement shelf at your local store.  Pills, patches, and extracts are readily available. Green tea can also be enjoyed, without the same health benefit, in candles (smells great) and cosmetics.

So Where Can You Get It?

These almost universally positive studies have led to green tea becoming much more widely available here in the US in recent years. Your local grocery probably has a few varieties on the shelf – and we all know there is a Starbucks on every corner. That in itself makes it a miracle.

It Shows Up in the Strangest Places….

Of course if you don’t enjoy drinking green tea, there are many formulations on the vitamin supplement shelf at your local store.  Pills, patches, and extracts are readily available. Green tea can also be enjoyed, without the same health benefit, in candles (smells great) and cosmetics (as it appears to be good for the skin taken inside or out).

Just What Makes It So Different From Other Teas?

Green tea leaves are quickly steamed, not allowed to oxidize as is done with black and oolong leaves. Therein lies the difference! The oxidizing that occurs in the processing of other types of tea breaks down the beneficial antioxidants naturally found in the raw tea. It looks like it’s time to go green!

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