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I worked for more than eight years in various secretarial and bookkeeping positions. I became a Certified Public Accountant in 1978. In 1981, I opened my own office and worked as a sole practitioner until 1986, at which time I sold my accounting practice. I then began writing. I am qualified to write and edit articles about small businesses, accounting, finance, and taxes.

During the late 1980's, I compiled a "This Date in History" column and wrote similar material for a small weekly newspaper. I later wrote general information articles for a variety of national and regional publications. I enjoy researching an infinite variety of subjects. I am qualified to write and edit articles about general interest subjects.

I later earned a Master of Science in Natural Health. I have also studied with a Certified Family Herbalist. I am qualified to write and edit articles related to health, nutrition, and alternative healing. I have published articles about herbs, health, and cooking in various print publications and online.

I was the gem and mineral editor for Suite 101 for two years. I also wrote reviews of non-fiction books for Midwest Book Review for several years. I am qualified to write and edit articles about jewelry, minerals, and gemstones.

I later compiled my articles on gems and jewelry into an e-book which was self-published on Kindle. It continues to sell.

I am also a novelist with four published novels.

What I like best is learning something new.

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Writing Sample

Choosing a Franchise Opportunity for Beginners

The best franchise investment opportunities are those that are a good fit for your long-range goals, abilities, and finances. If you’re planning to operate the business for many years, you need to make sure you have the time available, especially if you need to acquire new skills. Your selection will be different if you’re planning to operate the business for a short time, then resell it.

Franchises can require a lot of money to get started, and it can take time to get a return on your investment. Your current cash flow situation and borrowing ability are big factors in choosing a franchise. Financing options also are different when you choose to invest in a business that sells a product rather than one that provides a service.

An important factor is the amount of risk you’re willing to undertake. There are any number of established franchises available with good track records. However, your rate of return may be lower. There are also plenty of exciting new franchise investment opportunities. Those have the potential for a high return, but they also have a much higher chance of failure.

Because so many of the decisions in buying a franchise are based on your personal goals and circumstances, you have to first know exactly what you want from your investment and what you’re willing to do to achieve your goals. Once you know those, you’ll be able to search efficiently for the business that’s a good investment for you.

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As always, excellent article
CalifWriter did very well. This took some deep thought and planning. I appreciate the commitment to deliver something special!
Plus one extra star - too bad there is a limit. How remarkable to retell a story told many times and twist it in such a way to change paradigms in such a way that I know the readers will raise an eyebrow. Nicely done!
In a word, remarkable. It is great to read content that connects so well with people --- with unique/relevant information. Looking forward to more.
Love the resources and confident the readers will be delighted.