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C J Oakes currently works in Law Enforcement and writes part-time for select clients only.

As a content writer, C J Oakes specializes in SEO blogs and articles. He can help you develop keyword-driven content or work within any parameters you choose. If you want a series of articles developed along specific keyword combinations and want a specific keyword density, he can develop a proposal based on actual searches or whatever you want to accomplish.

For example, say you want a series of articles with the keywords "strange mental illness" and you want keyword density of 2.7 with "mental illness" meeting a density of 3.0, he will deliver a compelling and interesting article meeting these precise requirements, guaranteed.

In addition, C J Oakes from time to time accepts technical writing and book contracts.

Contact Mr. Oakes today for quotes or to discuss your project.

EDUCATION:  BS in Criminal Justice, Minor in Psychology from McNeese State Universtity and the University of Phoenix BLOG:  ContenTrader
CERTIFICATIONS:  None provided CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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