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My name is,Amos and am interested in the job add about high quality professional writer, my fields of expertise are Essays ,proposals, reports and business papers. I am confident and i can fulfill your requirements because of the following reasons;
1. I have two year experience in essay writing, reports, most gaining experience via online sites like content runner and article teller, academia research plus many more
2. I have communication skills in English and conversant with the MLA, APA, Chicago and Havard writing styles especially in academic writing.
3. I believe discipline in time i essential in every day work situation
4. I am honest, reliable, faithful and able to work efficiently.
5. I believe in reality, if i believe i cannot deliver a specific task on a specific time, i will notify my client in time giving adequate reason as to why i cannot accomplish my work
6. Good communication skills
7. Highly responsive to changes and requests of my employer
8. Good organizational and time management skills
9. Writing is my passion.

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Writing Sample


The number one debit card

The Bitcoin debit card is able to withdraw cash from ATM and purchase at websites, shops, restaurants, service stations as well as other places. This is a perfect alternative, particularly in the nations where there is no option for online shopping or worldwide use of credit card or debt card. One could access their money from any ATM Machine that is Logo enabled therefore, providing you with fast, safe, convenient and system of redeeming e-currency. There exists a daily limit for cash withdrawals amounting to $1000 per card as well as a 3% charge for every withdrawal or spending; and no further maintenance charge or admin fee.

The safe and convenient card for you

You can as well use Perfect Money debit card to access cash from ATM Machine in addition to buying at websites, shops, service stations, restaurants as well as other places. It is an ideal option particularly in those nations that do not provides credit card or debit card for international use or online shopping.  The service is safe, reliable, fast and reliable system of redeeming e-currency since you can withdraw the cash at any Logo enable machine. As a security measure there is a daily limit of cash withdraw of $1000 for every card. The charges are fair as you only pay 3% fee for every withdrawal or spending and no any further hidden charges like maintenance charges or Admin fee.

The ideal cash at hand

The Web Money debit card as well could be used to access cash from ATM together with buying at shops, service stations, websites, restaurants as well as any other place. Just like the rest of the cards by Rax card it serve as an ideal alternative especially in the country that does not offer credit card or debit cards for international or online shopping. It also provides you with the convenience, fast as well as a reliable system of converting e-currency as the money could be accessed in any ATM machine which is Logo enabled. It provides a daily limit of cash withdrawals $1000 for every card. The charges for the card are fair as you only pay 3% fee with no other hidden costs or charges.

What do people think of these cards?

Testimonies from the users of these serves have conferred with the features offered by this provider. They attest that they enjoy the benefit of convenient, reliable and safe system of converting e-currency.  Surprisingly, the card receives immediate approval following a successful completion of filling the order form and duly paying for the shipment for the card and complying with the instructions. The card reaches you within less than 24 hours thereby eliminating any possibility of delay. In the case, of bulk ordering then you will enjoy a discount for bulk ordering. The service does not at all breach your privacy as a customer since the name of the cardholder is not included in the debit card.

It is no doubt that the Rax cards offer easy access of cash withdrawals and buying at:

  • Websites
  • Shops
  • Service stations
  • Restaurants as well as other places.