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I am a versatile copywriter and content marketer who has helped dozens of software, financial industry and healthcare firms set all-time web traffic records, skyrocket their sales and build highly profitable enterprises.

Along the way, I have written everything from thoroughly researched, SEO-focused white papers, to web sites, blog posts, demand gen emails, digital ads and more. I specialize in helping my clients translate their complex solutions into clear customer benefits.

You can view my portfolio at

I am also a regular contributor to such publications as SUCCESS, Foundr Magazine and Startup Mindset. And in my spare time, I also serve as an on-call lecturer for the University of Southern California’s Lloyd Grief School for Entrepreneurial Studies.

I would help you grow your business today!

EDUCATION:  B.A. from University of Colorado at Boulder BLOG:  My Blog
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Writing Sample

Bryan Lyng
Content Marketer
Content Writing Examples

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3PL Central – Blog Post -

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3PL Central – Corporate Web Site:

Oak Grove Systems – Digital Ad:

Blue Falcon - Product Description Sales Sheet:

Global Debt Exchange – Sales Sheet:

SUCCESS Magazine: The 4 Reasons Why I Love to Fail - and You Should, Too:

Foundr Magazine - How to Create and Execute Your Startup’s Most Valuable Asset—Your Brand Story:

Startup Mindset - 5 Reasons Why the COVID-19 Crisis is THE Perfect Time to Launch Your Own Business:

Startup Mindset - The Five Ways to Land the Exact Clients You Want – With a Budget of Exactly Zero Dollars:

We Can Magazine - The 4 Reasons Why Your Startup's Brand Story is the Most Valuable Asset You'll Ever Own -

And you can view more at