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Allen S. earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production at the University Of Toledo College Of Performing Arts in Toledo, Ohio. In addition, he also worked for a big box electronic retailer for three years specializing in high definition audio and video equipment as well as computers and software. He has created almost ten thousand pieces of SEO-driven content for various online clients on topics ranging from the entertainment industry, electronics, computer operating systems and general technology.

Though the overwhelming majority of that content production has been in the topics of computers and general electronics, he has used his higher education as well as real world experience to write in a variety of other areas with the same passion and high level of standard. His number one goal is to create well written, highly informative content that can draw visitors to a website and keep them there. He takes a great deal of pride in being able to take topics that interest him and turn them into well written content for a variety of outlets.

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