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Dawn Anderson is a professional writer working with a variety of clients, providing high-quality and unique blog and other website content. She believes that well-written online content is essential for businesses and individuals who wish to establish, maintain, and increase credibility in their field.

Niches in which Dawn has paid experience writing include Real Estate & Construction, Personal Finance, Health and Fitness, Medical, Insurance, Business Management, and more!

Every blog post and article written by Dawn is carefully fact-checked and pruned, containing no questionable facts, figures, or fluff.

Sometimes, Dawn shares little extras with her Content Runner clients, in the form of images or infographics for their articles, keyword research conducted prior to writing, corresponding article or blog post ideas, or extra sections/word count, where acceptable and applicable.

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Dawn's hobbies include reading, writing, and learning, crochet, knitting, walking, and visiting with friends and family. Dawn has recently finished her first two eBooks and is enjoying creating a third now as well!

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science from UMW - University of Mary Washington BLOG:  Valentine Child - Education and Inspiration
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Writing Sample

Reducing Mental Stress at Work a National Priority


Most workers in the United States are not performing their job well, if at all. The most recent Gallup Poll survey on employee engagement shows that 70 percent of workers in the United States are either not engaged in their work or are “actively disengaged”, costing the U.S. economy approximately $500 billion yearly in lost productivity. Although employee engagement surveys are reflective of many factors, one of the most overlooked factors they reflect is work-related mental stress.

Mental stress in the workplace is the country’s new plague, the silent partner contributing to a myriad of the nation’s greatest health and social issues. Despite having passed the era of self-help books and gurus and alternative therapies and religions, workplace stress levels continue to kill off the United States citizenry one by one.

Mental Stress Avoidance

Human nature dictates, at its most basic level, that, if something causes mental stress, a person will make attempts at reducing it through avoidance. Work generally cannot be avoided, so mental stress compounds as workers seek ways to avoid mental stressors on the job.

Effects of Mental Stress

Not only is stress making the country physically and mentally sick, but divorce and suicide rates continue to climb as people increasingly fail at avoiding it. Meanwhile, the gap between rich and poor widens each year as the country continues to de-prioritize reducing mental stress.

Need Well-Matched Workers

America suffers as a country with stress, mainly, because most of its workers are performing work that is not aligned with their skills and interests, squelching ingenuity and increasing stress levels, resulting in a gigantic waste of life, financial resources, and human capital. Reducing mental stress in the workplace by ensuring workers better match jobs would be one step forward in curing the nation's mental stress crisis.


Stress is the number one killer in America today. It wreaks havoc on the body’s systems, especially over the course of a lifetime. Mental stress reduction in the workplace would prove a great leap forward in reducing America’s stress levels overall, although more solutions are needed. While medical progress is essential in finding solutions to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and stroke, what America really needs a solution for reducing mental stress, the root cause of much of the country’s health and social issues. This starts with reducing work-related stress.


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