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I am up for any challenge and enjoy researching and learning about new things. I studied transcription with the Transcription Certification Institute, which helped to strengthen my efficiency in effective research, as well as fine tuning my English talents. I provide transcription and closed captioning services as a freelancer, along with being a freelance writer.

Writing has always been enjoyable to me and it is something I am talented in. I am passionate about sharing with the world, and writing is an amazing way to do that.

I spent seven years working as a cosmetologist in high end salon and spas. I have worked hard as a stylist, make-up artist, nail technician and educator.

More than anything, I love to travel. I have seized every opportunity that has presented itself to me, to explore and experience the world. I spent two months backpacking Northern Europe, and have spent time in France, Guatemala, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Jamaica and Texas, as well many more.

Hiking is one of my favorite pass times, and is a preferred way to experience the world. I love being in a new place and submerging myself in the culture, especially by simply walking through it.

I am excited to help you and your future success in any way that I can. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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