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Writing has many functions; it is a wonderful way to express emotions and extended information. As a newly single mother and full-time student, I draw from my personal knowledge in categories such as family life and parenting, education, women, amongst others. My volunteer and social work experiences have afforded me the chance to work with adults and children in grief recovery, homelessness and school settings. I can complete research as well as share my opinion on matters such as addiction, mental health disorders, and how to hide veggies in your (turkey) meatloaf...and have your kids eat it, too...all because these specific topics have been a part of my own life!

As a previous military spouse, I am used to being flexible as we moved multiple times across the U.S. and overseas. My ability to take all of these changes in stride and with a sense of humor makes me a one-of-a-kind writer that is open and honest, yet flexible and capable in various environments.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Social Work (Oct 2020) from Indiana Wesleyan University BLOG:  None provided
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