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Leigh holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has been a professional freelance writer since 2011. With a deep interest in the world and a personal library of hundreds of books, she always finds an endless supply of ideas for the wide variety of subject areas that she covers in her articles. Her repertoire includes technology, mobile phones, computers, careers, business, marketing, health, pets, parenting, personal finance, DIY, beauty, fashion, travel, relationships, weddings, gardening, and many other subjects.

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Writing Sample

Heeding These Hair Extension Cautions Will Make Your First Extensions a Success

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions for the first time? Hair extensions can enhance your appearance, help you grow out a bad cut gracefully and give you hairstyle options you never had before. Follow these cautions for your first hair extension experience, so your results will be a success.

Your Extensions Realistically

There are many different kinds of hair extension cautions for everyone's unique personal needs. Picking the right extensions for your situation requires a bit of research.

•    Don't get the wrong kind of extensions for your hair type. Keratin bond (AKA hot fusion) and micro-link extensions are better for thick hair, while tape-in, sew-in or glue-in extensions can work with thin hair.

•    If you need to use oil-based or silicone products on your hair, you cannot use certain types of extensions. Ask your stylist about extensions that are compatible with your hair care routine.

•    Check with your stylist about how often you can wash your hair or if you can remove extensions at night with various kinds of hair extensions. Some extensions last longer than others. Think about hot fusion extensions for the most exceptional longevity. You can get up to four months of wear with this type of hair extensions if they are applied and cared for properly.

•    Get a cost estimate first, based on the quality of the extensions, the application method and your hair thickness. There are extensions for virtually every price range. If your budget doesn't allow for the high-end keratin bond extensions you want, for example, you may be better off buying the best clip-in extensions you can, rather than a bargain basement version of extensions that are out of your price range.

Plan for Enough Time at the Salon

Getting hair extensions can be a time-consuming process, depending on the type you get and the thickness of your hair. Application time can vary from as little as 10 minutes for clip-in extensions to as much as six to eight hours for hot fusion extensions. Ask your stylist in advance how long to plan, so you won't be in a rush at the salon. Be sure to budget time for maintenance questions at the end.

Remember that you may need to spend the same amount of time as at your first appointment to reapply hair extensions again if you like them and want to keep the look.