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Writing Sample

Quarterback Competition

Last year was Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly’s first year as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. No one knew what to expect from him since he never coached for NFL before. Before coaching for the Eagles in 2013, he was the head football coach of the University of Oregon from 2007-2012. With that being said no one could relate to how he coached for the NFL until now. In his first season as head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, he managed to get them to the playoffs. Great job Chip Kelly; let’s see if you can do it again this year. Maybe you will even get Philadelphia to make it to the Super Bowl. To get to the play offs last year so much had to happen. 

We all remember how it started way back during training and the preseason games. Chip Kelly turned who was going to be starting Quarterback into a competition. The competition was between the previous seasons starting Quarterback Michael Vick and Nick Foles. Many of us thought it was silly. In the end Michael Vick won the competition, or did he really? Before the season was over, Michael Vick was out completely due to injury and Nick Foles was the starting Quarterback. Even though that happened, the Eagles still ended up in the playoffs. 

Now that the 2013 football season is over, let’s put Chip Kelly, also known as Big Balls Chip into a race car and have it stop not at the end of the 2013 season, but at the cuts, trades, and preseason. Michael Vick and others are now gone. The official starting Quarterback is in fact Nick Foles. Does that mean the competition is over for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles teammates? It is indeed not over at all. The competition this time is between the backup Quarterbacks Matt Barkley, G.J. Kinne, and newly signed Quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Gary Joe Kinne signed on with the Eagles March 1, 2013. He is one lucky young man that actually gets to play as a Quarterback for his favorite team. Matt Barkley filled in for Nick Foles last season when Foles was injured. I was not impressed with his performance at all. It made me wonder what Philadelphia was thinking when they did sign him on. It would seem as though Mark Sanchez would be the definite back up to Nick Foles considering that he was at one time the starting Quarterback for the New York Jets. However, Chip Kelly does not think so. He is going to make a competition out of it. Who do you think is going to be second to Nick Foles? Will it be Matt Barkley, Mark Sanchez, or Gary Kinne? My bet is on Mark Sanchez, but I am rooting for Gary Kinne. Let’s all continue to watch and we will soon see who lands in the in position to back up Nick Foles.

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