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I am a very creative writer with a passion for food. I love to find new recipes, hacks and kitchen tips to share with other people. Although, I'm mostly experienced with food, I can put my spirit and passion into any topic or piece of work. My work ethic is impeccable and I will make sure everything you envision will come to life.

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Writing Sample

Cook Smarter, Not Harder

The Mastering of The Foil Packet


Trying to prepare dinner after a long day and still hold the title of “Master Chef” in your family?

Foil Packets are definitely the answer to your prayers!!!

These delicious time savers have been known to be used for all types of food including (but not limited to); breakfast items, meats, vegetables, or even APPLE PIES!

With all the stress everyday life can bring, it’s extremely challenging to put together a meal that can:

  1. Give your family the necessary nutrients they need
  2. Portray your creative spirit in the kitchen
  3. Keep your dishes and effort at a minimum


How can they be healthy?

Foil packets allow you to bring whatever you want to the table. When your goal is to be healthy it can seem almost impossible to create a meal that is easy, fast, and nutritious. These give you the chance to let your healthy ingredients and their bland flavors combine. This creates a mouth-watering new taste by complimenting each others flavors. When ingredients of a foil packet cook together, they allow all flavors to sink into one another in a delicious way that allows you and your family to truly enjoy your meals and forget you are being healthy.

How can they bring out creativity? 

These bundles of joy can take a simple and boring; meal, dessert or snack and turn them into a new flavor bursting spin on any recipe. Foil Packets allow you to easily combine all ingredients of your favorite meals to give it a juicy bold flavor.

This allows you to put your genius in any Foil Packet. For example: Making a Chicken Foil Packet is by itself very simple. Although it brings out the juiciest and natural flavor of the chicken, it may seem like a pretty boring dinner…..

This is where your originality can take charge.  Maybe instead of just chicken you want to add BBQ sauce, diced bell peppers and onions, and a few pineapple chunks? Now you have a luscious, well-prepared Hawaiian BBQ Chicken dinner for your family that only took you about 10-15 minutes of actual work!

Taking It Easy?!

Many people might say it’s impossible to easily cook a meal that is fast and has almost no clean up. Here is how Foil Packets are quickly going to become your new go to for all dinner preparation: NO COOKWARE TO CLEAN!!! You take all meats, veggies, and all other different recipe ingredients and wrap them in the foil, cook in the oven or on the grill, plate food items, then throw out the foil. Boom. Perfect for anyone who is tired of the long nights of cooking following with the mountains of pots and pans left from the cooking process. Let’s be honest, no one wants to come home and spend their entire night in the kitchen.


Foil Packets are here to take the hard part out of cooking and keep the fun in the kitchen. We all want to keep our family and ourselves excited about being healthy while still being able to express ourselves through our recipes and not working ourselves to death in the kitchen. Now you can become or stay the “Master Chef” we all know you can be