Location:  Miami, FL
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I’m a freelance lawyer, writer, and yogi. I recently left a job at an international law firm to spend more time pursuing my passions (writing and yoga), traveling the globe, and experiencing different cultures.

I take great pleasure in effective communication, in words and images and sounds. I started writing in undergrad, where I studied English and worked as a grant writer and in-house writing coach for a non-profit organization in Miami, Florida. I helped the company make sense of what it does, of what it offers, and then turned those insights into language that was both clear and persuasive. Writing projects included vision and mission statements, web sites, ads, banners, brochures, speeches, and presentations.

I also have extensive experience drafting legal documents, including research memos, motions, pleadings, discovery, jury instructions, appellate briefs, correspondence, etc. As I lawyer, I worked on high-stakes litigation on a variety of issues, from complex white collar, antitrust, intellectual property, trade secrets, and healthcare matters to simple breach of contract ones.

I approach each project with a fresh perspective, a bird’s-eye view of the law, and a creative and strategic sense of how to frame issues for success. I bring clarity and rigor to obscure topics and have been praised by clients for clear and simple writing. Samples are available upon request.

EDUCATION:  BA in English + Juris Doctorate from University of Colorado BLOG:  None provided
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