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My name is Adair Hendrik Belton-Schure and I have recently moved to America from England. There I studied Science and Literature. Here I am studying Screenwriting in De Anza College.

As an employed screenwriter and as a student of Chemistry, Biology and Physics for over seven years, I am particularly skilled in writing clearly and concisely. I can encapsulate ideas and facts in words where others might take pages. In England I would have only a page to sum up complex biological ideas. By the end of the year I would be required to write one or two of these a lesson. In all my classes I am required to do comprehensive research on topics and cite my sources. In screenwriting I am obligated to do stunning amounts of research on time periods, psychology and sociology to come across as authentic. The screenplay I sold was based on a publishers idea. I finished it in two weeks, did one rewrite only and he never brought on another writer either to write or rewrite anything. Warner Brothers is looking to fund the sequel.

In summary, I am looking for as much work as possible and I am committed to making it better than it need be. Thank you for your consideration.

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Writing Sample

Everyone wants to look their best and great looking skin is often the key. People notice it as much or more than the way you dress. Achieving and maintaining beautiful clear skin is a great idea, but often requires some judgement. The four things you need are as follows; exfoliating wash, skin toner, a clay masque and the right moisturizing techniques. 

Exfoliating wash is often misunderstood. Many people assume that it is to be used daily, or that any exfoliating wash will work, but if you aren't careful it may cause peeling, redness or even cause an outbreak of acne. The trick is in using a light exfoliate two to three times a week.

Firstly, you should pick an exfoliate designed specifically for the face as they have lighter, less abrasive exfoliating materials in them. Always begin by washing your face, having a shower or a bath is a great time to do this, then proceed to apply the exfoliating cleaner and softly rub in a circular motion. Be careful to keep away from your eyes as the skin there is particularly sensitive and the exfoliating particles can damage your eye sight. And again, be sure to only use your exfoliating cleanser a maximum of three times a week.

Skin toner should be used every day. For the best effect, pick one with vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate the skin with increased cell production. Apply your skin toner as a lotion after getting out of the shower. It helps to remove excess makeup or impurities that might be left on your skin. In addition, it will shrink your pores, this will prevent you from sweating too much and it prevents large particles from entering your pores and causing unhealthy blemishes.

Clay masques can be temperamental and you must be careful to choose one that is right for you. Do you have dry, sensitive skin? Then opt for a hydrating masque, often in a cream, rather than a clay. This is also a great moisturizing technique for those who often have trouble achieving soft skin. 

If you are acne prone, be sure to choose a gel masque, a harsher masque that strips the oil from your skin often encourages your sebaceous gland to produce even more oil.

For particularly oily skin an exfoliating or clay masque is best. The more oily your skin, the longer you should leave it on. Ten to fifteen minutes is average, but some people have to wear one all night for the best results.

Moisturizing is something you must tailor to your own needs. As you get older you will need to moisturize every day, whereas young people can sometimes get away without moisturizer altogether. Always use your moisturizer after your skin toner, as a bath or shower will remove it. 

In general, if you have dry skin, be very careful of taking long baths or showers, and only use soap on the essentials. Cleansers such as Cetaphil or Aveeno may be used to wash more sensitive areas.

Remember that, more so with maintaining healthy skin than general fitness or diet, almost everything is subjective to your own situation. If you have dry skin, be careful to use hydrating or cream based products. Whereas, if you are acne prone or have oily skin, you will have to judge whether the products you are using are strong enough.

Good luck to you on your journey towards great looking skin.

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