Solar Energy in Costa Rica

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Offering Details 1200-1500 words plus photos. Article covering the recent Solar expo in Costa Rica, with an overview of changes in the legal and banking systems that could spark a boom in solar energy in this country. Interview with the president of Solar Costa Rica, a company that sells and installs both PV and Hot water type solar systems. Summary of who the regulatory authorities are, and what attitudes they have.
Credentials I was at the Solar Expo in November, 2014- the frist such expo in Costa Rica's history ! It was very exciting, with 14 companies represented, and speakers from universities, government, and integrator companies. I was formerly a secretary of President Clinton's Climate Change Council. So I took minutes at meetings about many developments regarding energy during that period. I have worked for a solar company in New Zealand, and seen similar issues and movements in another country trying hard to embrace renewable technology against a backlash of traditional utility mindsets.
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