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Offering Details Developing an appropriate voice is crucial for small and large businesses alike. Let me help you find that voice. I can write you a piece of high quality content that is sure to be recognized positively by the search engines, and boost your page ranking on the SERPs. Global access to the internet is growing at an exceptional rate, and I can help you take advantage of it. Social media and the web catch more eyes than television and print ads these days, so if you're not making yourself a part of the digital conversation, you just might get left out. I want to help you not only establish a successful digital presence, but become one of the most popular forces in your industry. 
Credentials I have a MBA, and experience in content marketing, copywriting and SEO. Before going out on my own as a freelance writer, I spent 5 years working as a content manager for a digital marketing firm in San Diego, CA.  We specialized in working with small businesses. My experience lies in digital copywriting and editing, crafting and executing strategy, SEO, blog management, social media content, eBooks, and email blasts. I have found, through the journey of my education, that my passions lie mostly in consulting, writing and marketing. I feel happiest when I know the articles I'm writing are helping others.
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