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Offering Details I will provide a stock trading article of 600-650 words on a single company on a U.S. exchange. The article will be written with both investors and traders in mind. It will consider the company, its situation, its competitors, market, financials, and stock performance. The article will be based on my assessment and may provide a "favorable", "hold" or an "avoid" theme. The article will be suitable for including on a website or blog, or in an ezine.
Credentials Freelance writer and 25-years as an entrepreneur and trainer to fledgling entrepreneurs. One area of training I conducted was a stock trading course that taught how to trade stocks as a home business (emphasis was on swing trading).
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. The buyer needs to supply the company they want to spotlight. It is beneficial to at least send some thoughts on why they want to cover that stock (ie. new entry in the market, bad company news, etc.).
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