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Offering Details Interesting, useful, and accurate content is key to generating higher online visibility for your website. Whether you are just getting started or want to entirely re-vamp your existing site, I can provide you with the quality content that you need. For $34.99 per article, you can be sure of getting web content that will speak to your customers, while building a unique and recognizable brand voice.
Credentials I have worked extensively with Gap Clothing on their web content, as well as creating content for home entertainment suppliers, landscaping companies, and even whitewater rafting guides.
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. To create the most effective content, I will need to know any details that you want your site to include, as well as general information on how many pages your project will need, how you want the pages organized, and whether to include inbound links. Also let me know if you have a specific tone or voice that is associated with your brand. We can discuss deadlines once I know how big your project is; I can usually supply up to ten articles per week depending on the subject matter.
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