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Offering Details I will leave 10 in-depth detailed and SEO focused comments on your blog or website- any site, any blogs, any posting, any industry. Each post will be between 100-250 words.
Credentials I have over twelve years of writing and editing experience, and I am ready to go to work for you! With a wide range of skills and experiences writing content for you will be no trouble at all! From the creative to the serious and the fun to the professional, I have what you need to take you to the next level! I have done blog and website writing and managing for industries such as finance, travel, photography, hospitality, pet care, hobbies, entertainment, and more!
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. I will need a link to your site or the specific blogs you need comments left on as well as any specific points or keywords you want me to focus on.
Extras The following optional add-ons are offered by the Writer for an additional cost. Some Extras may alter delivery timelines. Additional time requirements are listed beneath Extra price.
I will do up to 50 comments during the course of a week
$200 +6 days
I will do a month's worth of comments- up to 3 per day
$300 +20 days
Content Runner will be ceasing operations as of February 29th. If you have orders in process please complete them in the next couple of weeks, no new orders will be allowed starting January 26th. If you have a deposit that you need refunded to Paypal, please email info@contentrunner.com.